ORION has adopted and fully implemented a strict Competition Policy and Compliance Program, while training its human resources through special professional seminars. The company is fully committed to complying with national and European competition standards, pursuing a healthy business environment in which practices of distorting healthy and free competition have no place.


ORION SA is certified and applies the following systems:

  1. Quality management ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015
  2. Environmental management ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015
  3. Safety and Health Management ELOT EN ISO 45001:2018
  4. Against corruption ISO 37001: 2016
  5. Energy Management EN ISO 50001: 2018
  6. Road Safety ISO 39001: 2012
  7. Business Continuity ISO 22301: 2012
  8. Information Security ISO 27001: 2013

The company goal is to stand out in the highly competitive space in which it works, with high quality services and products and rational use of natural resources, aiming to minimize accidents at work and the negative impact on the environment. Its ultimate goal is to provide competitive services in high quality that ensure customers and all interested parties full satisfaction of their needs.

In order to achieve the those objectives, the company applies the Environment, Health & Safety Quality Management Systems at work that cover all its functions, and have been designed based on the following guidelines:

  • Organization and operation based on environmental sensitivity and safety and health in the workplace, in addition to meeting the minimum requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 / ELOT 1801
  • Quality optimization and reduced project and services cost
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing services that meet their requirements, needs and expectations
  • Ensuring the stability of the characteristics of the produced work
  • Preparation and implementation of dynamically evolving goals related to quality, environment, health and safety, which are compatible with the operating framework and the strategic planning of the company
  • Continuous improvement of its quality, environmental behavior, health and safety for the prevention and response to any kind of emergencies and for the protection of the environment
  • Avoiding accidents

Within this framework, the Management is committed to:

  • The Systems implementation to ensure the quality of products and services produced by the Company using good environmental practices and with emphasis on the health and safety of employees
  • The allocation of the necessary human, financial and logistical resources for the purposes
  • The opportunity for external stakeholders (eg authorities, organizations, etc.) to be informed about the company’s Quality policy, the significant environmental impact of our company and our performance in the field of health and safety, after a relevant request.
  • Compliance with applicable law related to the operation and activities of the company, including legislation on Health and Safety as well as the relevant regulations, as well as any other requirements and policies that the company accepts.

The observance of the Management Systems is obligatory for everyone relating to any company activities.

The Code of Ethics is the basic framework of Principles and Values ​​that should characterize the professional behavior of all executives of ORION SA. in their relationships with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. Knowledge, respect and observance of the Code are the duty of everyone and every level of work, from the construction site to the Administration. The Code protects all of us from adopting or suffering inappropriate or illegal behavior and helps us realize that such behaviors endanger the human values ​​and interests of our company, our employees and our society. The content of the Code is in accordance with the general principles set out in the International Regulations and Conventions as well as the international standards ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 19600, ISO 37001, ISO 50001 and SA 8000. The validity of the Code starts from its adoption by decision of the Board of Directors.