ORION SA came from the consolidation of the companies DE-KAT SA and DIAVLOS SA and absorption of the construction sector of the company ALFATEK Ltd.

1980 Establishment of ALFATEK Ltd.

1987 Establishment of DIAVLOS SA

1988 Establishment of DE-KAT SA

2002 The managements of the companies DE-KAT and DIAVLOS decide to join forces by founding the company ORION in order to create a competitive and dynamic company in the field of construction.

2002 Completion of the restructuring by absorption by ORION of the construction sector of ALFATEK.

2004 Establishment of the subsidiary GNOSIS SA

2005 The company certifies the Quality Management System that implements according to ISO 9001-2000.

2006 Establishment of the subsidiary GNOSIS S.A. in order to be active in the field of real estate and construction in Bulgaria

2010 Participation of the shareholders of ORION SA in B + S Megawatt SA representing the German company for construction of bases (fixed and single axis trackers Ideematec)

2010 Working on the design, procurement and construction of PV projects

2011 Purchase of the company EPIRUS ENERGY SA for the construction and operation of a Photovoltaic Power Station of 600 KW.

2014 The company is certified for the implementation of the Environmental Management System that applies according to ISO 14001 and the Occupational Safety and Health System according to OHSAS 18001 / ELOT 1801.

2014 Working on LED LIGHTING – Participation in the collective Alternative Management System A.E.H.E.

2015 Absorption of the construction company GNOSIS SA

2016 Sale of ENERGIAKI MARKOPOULOU 1 SA by the shareholders of ORION SA.

2019 Construction of a 5 hectare greenhouse in combination with a 4 MW CHP unit for the company KARDITSA GARDENS S.A. in which ORION and its shareholders hold a majority share.