ORION is active in the implementation of infrastructure projects, building and electromechanical technical projects of high demands, in the public and private sector. Our services vary from the design and construction of technical projects, to the provision of consulting services for cost optimization, project organization and management, as well as the management, maintenance and operation of facilities.


Our company has long experience in the design and construction of buildings and electrical installations, both in the private and public sector.

  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Various special buildings / Museums / Theaters / Meeting rooms
  • Industrial Buildings / Energy Buildings
  • Exhibition Centers / Shopping centers
  • Reconstruction / Restoration / Reinforcement of listed buildings and monuments
  • Hospitals / Medical centers
  • Railway projects
  • Airports
  • Fuel Projects
  • Special military buildings / Radar stations



The infrastructure projects that we undertake as turn-key projects are executed with emphasis on the organization, the quality and the time of completion of the construction. The main categories are:

  • Plumbing works: Water supply / Sewerage / Flood protection
  • HADA restoration projects
  • Renovations of squares and outdoor areas
  • Road construction works
  • LED street lighting


We provide integrated design, financing, equipment supply, and turn-key services for the construction of energy projects as well as maintenance during their operation. Specifically:

  • EPC Contractor services for photovoltaic systems, where we have been active as investors for more than 10 years
  • Maintenance of existing photovoltaic systems
  • Electricity saving consulting services as an ESCO certified company
  • Technical Consulting Services, techno-economic studies and analyzes for energy systems
  • Design, study, and implementation of CHP projects.


We are active in the New Technology Hydroponic Greenhouses sector. We specialize in the design, elaboration of the study and the construction of hydroponic greenhouse units.

Having experience from the successful integrated implementation of a 5 hectare hydroponic greenhouse in combination with a CHP unit (Cogeneration of High Efficiency Electricity and Heat), we undertake the implementation of large-scale greenhouse units with all the characteristics that maximize production.

The design of Karditsa Gardens greenhouse that we built is made for tomatoes cultivation and is a pioneering project for the Greek data.

As the design of a greenhouse is critical for the return of investment, we emphasize:

  • In the climate control automation of the greenhouse
  • In the shading and energy saving
  • In the cooling of the greenhouse
  • In heating with a CHP unit and natural gas boilers
  • In hot water storage
  • In the carbonation of the greenhouse unit with carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • In the machines for irrigation and dosing of fertilizers
  • In water and nutrient solution recycling machines
  • In the organization and equipment of the packaging plant
  • In the organization of the operation of the greenhouse and the sale of products
  • In the maintenance of the greenhouse