ORION SA has been active in Greece since 1988, when it was founded as DE-KAT SA. In 2002 it expanded after the consolidation of the companies DE-KAT SA and DIAVLOS SA and the absorption of the construction sector of the company ALFATEK LTD.

The main object of ORION is the construction of infrastructure projects, building and electromechanical technical projects in the public and private sector, the provision of project organization and management services, as well as, the sector of renewable energy sources as an investment company.

It is registered in the registers of contractors and holds a 4th class degree from MEEP for construction of public works in the categories BUILDING, HYDRAULICS, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION and ENERGY-INDUSTRIAL. ORION is a member of the Panhellenic Association of Technical Companies and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The company is headquartered in Athens, at 1 Lampsa St. in Ampelokipi and maintains warehouses and workshops on privately owned land in Markopoulo, Attica and in the industrial area of Inofita, Viotia.